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We are on our way to the 3rd month of 2023 and we have activities already carried out in this first quarter, others scheduled for the near future, others designed and in common are all quite challenging.

Marking the Festival Palheta – Robertos e Marionetas! already on the agenda!

Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas will be present with the presentation of a new version of  ARABESCO, set to live music.

When? On the 4th of March, at 10 pm, at Fábrica das Ideias.

From an open-eyed dive into the imaginary of Edgar Allan Poe, Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas presents “Arabesco”.

The show, in this live music version premiered at Palheta`23, starts the way to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in 2023.



Arabesco presents itself as a place where the speed of thoughts crosses time and space. Where in reality, in mystery and imagination, lives the impossible determination. Where between the consequence of life in death, evil in good, the bitterness of now in what could have been, infinity…

It is a show that addresses the universe of Edgar Allan Poe in matters such as life and death, the intensity and eccentricity of characters in search of emotions, the limbo between insanity and clarity of thought, the difficult distinction between both, with puppets , actors and musicians in a dense, dreamlike and poetic space.

Creation . Sara Henriques and Rui Rodrigues

Cast . Joel and Sara Henriques

Puppets and video . Rui Rodrigues

Music . António Justiça

Musical interpretation . António Justiça and André Imaginário

Animation . João Apolinário

Costumes . Claudia Ribeiro

Dramaturgy . Sara Henriques

Scenography and light design . Cunha Pereira

Support for the movement . Paula Moreno

Production . Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas

co-production . Teatro Aveirense – CM Aveiro

Partnership . Parish Council of Esgueira

Support for internationalization . Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Support and partnership new live music version . 23 Milhas – Ílhavo


Puppet theatre


Over 12 y/o


Tickets at


Also, at Palheta, our traditional TEATRO DOM ROBERTO, will be presented, in the Garden of Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo, on the 5th at 5 pm.


What happened between January and February?

In January, we started the new year with two presentations of the show A Menina que Vendia Fósforos, at the Santa Joana Museum in Aveiro, and we proceeded to the final preparations for the Porta Memória exhibition, which opened on February 4, at the Casa Municipal da Cultura de Estarreja.

A very interesting work started at the end of 2020 by invitation of the Município de Estarreja.

The entire artistic project was based on an external and particular vision of Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas. In the relationships and sharing that take place within the community of Estarreja, creating a strong dynamic for the experience of Carnival. Without forgetting the most important moments that are imprinted in history, from the traditional Battles of the Flowers, through the emergence of the various revelry groups, several samba schools, active until today, the space was covered with information, inviting the visitor to deepen their knowledge about the emergence and evolution of Carnival in Estarreja.

Interviews were carried out, and multimedia and video content was created, giving the exhibition a proposal not only for sharing information but also for being interactive, inviting the public to some active and contemplative experiences. It is worth noting that the contents were created and produced in 2021 at a time when the parades and celebrations had been canceled due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. However, the inauguration would take place precisely in that same year, but for the same reasons it was postponed until February of this year, and the location for the assembly was also changed to the Municipal House of Culture of Estarreja instead of the Multipurpose Pavilion.

To share the fundamentals of human life is to live the common, that is, to know that we have begun to exist from the relationship with the other, to see and hear others, to be seen and heard by others, thus building a network that goes beyond individual life.

We thank everyone who indirectly or directly contributed to this work that we call “Porta Memória”, an exhibition that was open until February 21, 2023.

The curatorship, informative, graphic and audiovisual content was in charge of the team formed by Rui Rodrigues, Sara Henriques (Curatorship, creation, research and design), Pedro “Pojo” Rodrigues (Video recording and editing) and Pedro Cardoso (Sound design and original music).


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