MOTUS IMAGO has begun!

*Photography by Nuno Freire


On October 7th and 8th, as part of the “MOTUS IMAGO marionetas, formas e coisas em movimento” programming, we had the pleasure of hosting the Lafontana – Formas Animadas theater company here at the Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas. They presented their show “Cindy” in two entertaining Paper Theater sessions.

The session on October 8th was interpreted in Portuguese Sign Language, by the interpreter Filipa Carvalho.


Still as a part of the “MOTUS IMAGO” programming, we recorded a conversation with the actor, set designer, and puppeteer Marcelo Lafontana, where he shared some insights about his journey as an artist. This conversation will be made available for free on october 30th, accessible HERE.



We’re already in full swing preparing for the next premiere. To stay updated on everything that’s happening, please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we’ll always have the latest information.

Regarding upcoming activities, on November 25th we will have a free educational service action: a Masterclass, which will be held in-person and through live online streaming. Soon we will provide more information on how to register for this event.

See you soon!
Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas

*MOTUS IMAGO is a project that invites different artists and theater companies to present their performances in Aveiro, with the aim of contributing to the city’s cultural sphere.

**”MOTUS IMAGO marionetas, formas e coisas em movimento” is a Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas production, with the support of the Direção-Geral das Artes, Governo de Portugal – Cultura, Município de Aveiro and Tecnologias Imaginadas.