“Motus Imago – Showcase of Shapes, Puppets and Things in Motion”

Motus Imago News

#warmup online edition 2021 #

This event will be an explosion of possibilities in the world of theater with and with puppets in a multiformat context!!!

A showcase  that moves between current and traditional techniques, dramaturgy and animated forms in moving image. A vast field where puppets, bodies, cinema, animation and video, constitute an interdisciplinary form of theatre with puppets.

We invite artists and companies to participate and take this step with us!

The Open Call for proposals for short video scenes and adaptations of pieces with puppets, shapes, things in motion for livestreaming is already underway. The regulation and registration consultation are here on the website!

Within the scope of Animation Cinema, all information is available on the website and also through https://filmfreeway.com/MotusImago

The showcase will have its first edition (#warmup online) in November between the 6th and the 13th.

The mottos for the selection and selection of works are to dilute the borders of the languages ​​of theater with puppets, video, the “new” and the “old” media. Creations that allow you to broaden the horizons between the theatrical object, the puppet, animated forms giving rise to a multiformat manipulation.

Follow us and spread the word as news and opportunities are arising!

Here we continue the movement!